2011 Janua0y, 13 at 4:35 am
Wonderful Holiday With My Precious Family ... Always Togetherness Untill Jannah InsyaAllah ! _______________\\\____________ If You Are Still Looking For A Happy Ending And You Can’t Find It.. Maybe It’s Time To Start Looking For A New Beginning... This Holiday Has Come To An End, But This Year Just Begun .. 2017 Been Amazing, Family And Friends Support Made Me Realize That I Am So Ready For 2018 ! Bring It On ! ______________\\\______________ #PrincesSyahrini #Fuji_Japan #Japan_Tokyo_13Januari2018
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Azhardon. Aziztavano. Musisi band voodoo. Alamidepresi
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Kpn y bs spt inces bs senengin kedua org tua,,nice view