2010 Janua0y, 07 at 5:57 pm
Live from Puerto Rico πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· #timesup #unitedwestand #allblackeverything #equality @arod @goldenglobes
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Great one πŸ’‹
I love u jlo alwaysπŸ’ž #PuertoRican
@jlo I was wondering if you and ARod were doing or going to address the massive hoarding and horrific way the Puerto Rican government handled the supplies that were suposed to reach the people ... just recently on the 10th of Januaury armed Federal agents seized massive amounts of supplies from the states that were being stored and not given to the people to gain back their electricity ... I was wondering if you were going to address this situation and make it public ... I believe if you are preaching we are all one and equal and the same, I was wondering if you think the people deserved to be treated the same and given the supplies that were provided ???? This needs to be made public, and since the Lamestream media doesn't report it, and you have 10 million people that liked this post, perhaps you can make it known ... know how much was given to the island and how much assistance was provided ... instead of causing division and made up stories ... please report on this ... the people must know so they can stand up to their corrupt government
Que Dios te bendiga Bella.
thank you jlo for everything u have done
We need a Spanish strong lady to be our spokeswoman, take care of your people Jennifer! We need you❣️❣️❣️