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#Regram #RG @conservationorg: December 2008: Ecuador’s Socio Bosque Program Launched . In 2008, Conservation International launched the Programa Socio Bosque in Ecuador, which pays private landowners and indigenous communities to protect forests. Socio Bosque is a program that directly targets areas that generate benefit for climate, freshwater, species and poverty alleviation. Since the program’s inception, over 50,000 people from indigenous and rural communities have received direct economic benefits through Socio Bosque. Over 510,000 hectares of forest and paramos (AKA alpine grasslands and wetlands) are now protected through Socio Bosque. What started out as a simple mantra, “people need nature to thrive,” has led to 30 years of leadership in the conservation space. For the next 12 days, CI is taking a look back on our journey and accomplishments together, and the work that lies ahead. Follow along at #12DaysofConservation
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