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The end of the year is a time to reflect on the role we can play in protecting our planet. From reducing our carbon footprint to taking pressure off the ocean, there are immediate ways to make a difference. Eating fish is better for the environment than other meat protein, reducing both our carbon footprint and the pollution from industrial agriculture. Sustainable fish farms also take pressure off endangered ocean species so they can regenerate. The health of the planet depends on the health of the ocean, which is why I support and invest in @I.LoveTheWild and their efforts to help all of us do our part. Link in bio to learn more. Photo was taken in Norway at a third-generation, family-run farm where there hasn't been a single salmon escape in over 10 years due to careful monitoring.
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What a disappointment Leo! There is no such thing as sustainable fish farming. Like there is no sustainable meat, humane meat etc. These are oxymorons! It is lie people like hearing so they feel good about eating fish and over animal products. 100% plant-based is the answer. Please stop selling people lies! #veganfuture
I am saddened and shocked by this post. Fish Farming is such a cruel industry and is so bad is so bad for our environment. You produced an incredible documentary, β€˜cowspiracy’, which shows how being vegan can help the environment and the animals. This is not sustainable. Veganism is one of or if not is the best thing you can do for the environment and is what you call sustainable. Please take this post down and rethink what you’re promoting. GO VEGAN. #veganfuture πŸ’šπŸŒΏ
Why are you advertising this @leonardodicaprio they are capturing this man holding a suffocating being , this is torture! #govegan
@steeleysuzy true
Go fuckin vegan ppl
What is going on LEO?! Have you been hacked? @leonardodicaprio
Fish also feel pain Leo! 😭 promote veganism, not speciesism!!!