2010 Decem0er, 26 at 7:26 pm
#Regram #RG @nytimes: A group of plainclothes investigators assembled outside an animal smuggler’s house in the Himalayas recently, waiting for signs of life. Working off a tip that 2 baby #chimpanzees were illegally passing through Nepal, the investigators burst into the building, where a menagerie of exhausted animals began to wail. In recent years, authorities in Nepal have arrested hundreds of smugglers who have taken advantage of Nepal’s porous borders with India and China, corrupt law enforcement and loose customs rules to illegally transport rhinoceros horns, wool from Tibetan antelopes, rare owls and endangered apes. But for seized animals, problems continue after they’ve been intercepted. In Nepal, the 2 chimpanzees that were rescued are now at the center of a spat with the Nigerian government, which is calling for them to be returned, and local wildlife officials, who want to keep them at Nepal’s Central Zoo. @samreinders took this photo of the 2 #chimps, Champa and Chimpu. Visit the link in our profile to read more.
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Taiji slaughter....of mammals....Monkeys in Nam....brains removed while alive...
Lindaaa leooo
Awwww look at these cuties!🐵❤️
Awww lil babies 🙈💗