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Wounded son of the regiment - Wounded Russian child soldier is patched up by a child medic in the field. Among other things, notice how casually the submachine gun is placed (for propaganda purposes of course) and how the nurse doesn’t seem to mind it pointing at her. Kursk July/August 1943.
Location Kursk, Russia
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@mour_adk well he is like 12. It's a child soldier 😀
@_e_wk white Russians were maybe 60% of the Red Army. USSR was a multi ethnical state
@komandir_filip, Dam bro, I only thought that white Russians were the only ones in the soviet army.
@_e_wk Siberia.....
@titouan.serin .....
@mr.sredojevic after both USSR tried to apply both red cross and red half-moon to their red cross organization to represent both major Soviet religions - Christianity and Islam. Atheism was only state supported
@_e_wk do you know that Russians living at the far East (behind Ural and further) are of a Mongoloid decent?
What the hell is that an Asian ?, What are they doing in the soviet army ?,
@historicalwarfareinc what a dick
Damn he looks about 12