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In love with this #KrippyKush artwork. Thank you. 💛💚🔰◼️⬛️♠️🖤
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Nicki i love u!!! @nickiminaj
How do u read 2000 comments? #simplicityrocks
@nickiminaj so while initially I took it as... u think I'm doing this out of desperation?!? no. u are such a magnificent dynamic powerful force of a woman, its true love, its genuine, I am a result of U. and ur impact. I'm not doing all this out of desperation. U THE DON, like men who have all the women want u this same way. but... I am in need, as a result of my life and lack of a love life. but that means I want u not what u have. and it is Onika Tanya Maraj that sparked this in me. its U, like... a mannequin is also physically perfect but is lifeless. it is your being that has got me this way. and though I am in need of ur love. I try not to come @ u wit da beggin strips. uknowimsaying?
@nickiminaj but on my behalf... while u are the love of my life. the sexiest most beautiful woman ever born. have me in a frenzy of a love ive never felt the likes of... and while I am very very very in need, dying for u needing u dying without u... I don't come to u wit da beggin strips lol. and I'm holding it together barely. but holding it together. I love u Onika
@nickiminaj CLARIFICATION. THE IN LOVE > IN NEED TWEET. u are genius, I say it all the time. now I came initially @ that like no ur wrong u got me mistaken. but in a way ur right but let me explain... I AM GENUINELY AND TRULY IN LOVE WITH U @ A ZENITH IVE NEVER FELT I think u know it its obvious. but... I am also in need. one of our polar opposites is love life's - u are most beautiful woman ever born - a love life so strong because every man dreams to be with u, most women too. me... my shit been scattershot fur a long time so... the needs wants cravings we experience as humans... u can be satisfied on demand. me... not so much. I'm like malnourished as far as love affection and having a true relationship. so... yes I am in need too
Awww cat got barbie tongue 😊
Hola me Ihamo Marcos WRist frio pelo rosa pulo gordo
Una existencia infinita a mis ordenes